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Do you want to know how to get more stuff done, make sensible change  and lead your team through tough times?

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Kerry Swan

Hey there!

I like to think that I approach life a little differently.

As a Project Manager by trade, and a strategic thinker by practice, I am equally comfortable working out the long term, big picture vision AND the small steps that are required to get there.

My DNA is influenced by a dynamic mix of frontline experience in small business, corporate consulting, adult education and regional development.

Most importantly, my strengths are words, pictures, people and strategy.  I use these super powers to help people make change in their life, their business or their career.

I would love to chat with you about your world and see if I can help you to find some space, in the chaos, for the really important stuff.


Sign me up! I want some practical business skills and simple leadership hacks!

Yes.  I know you are busy and want to get more stuff done with your team.  Right now. 

I promise I will only send you good real life practical stuff that you can implement tomorrow!

How can I help you?

Simply, I deliver practical leadership and business development skills for busy business owners, managers and leaders who want to focus on the really important stuff.


Ready to make some real change?  Know there has to be a better way? But need time to think and plan, at your own pace?

Check out my on-line programs designed to make you think!

Self paced solutions to your problems.  Delivered, in video format, to you, anywhere, anytime that suits you.


Want to make some real change at work?  Want to be kept accountable and have honest conversations about what is really going on?

I offer practical leadership and business development coaching for busy managers.

I have one:one coaching or group coaching options, both delivered on-line at at a time that suits you.


With more than twenty years experience working with business, and five years as a property start up, I feel your business pain.

I offer customised business consulting support to sort your pain points.

Delivered flexibly, via Zoom or face:face, let's create some real solutions.

Kerry Swan

As your coach, I will work with you to create a picture of your future, we will draw a map about how to get there and make sure that we can do this in three easy steps!

I understand that we are all humans trying our best to make a difference.  You are no different.  You know there is a better way.  An easier way.  I will be there to help you find that way and make sure that you get it done!

I am a long term fan of positive psychology, neuro linguistic programming and choice theory, and I believe that we all need to own our shit and work everyday towards a better version of ourselves.

With scars and scratches from life as a paid Consultant and a Project Manager, through to lived experience in small business start up #thuglifeI know how real life can be.

Let's work on a plan for you. Your future and free you up to work on the really important stuff.  Stuff that matters.

Coaching + Advice

Let's get started with a coaching package that will deliver what you really want!

Group Coaching



A one:one Strategy Session with Kerry

Ongoing, weekly, group coaching call

Member driven topics

Facebook group access

Delivered via Zoom



Immediate access to the 7 Simple Ways to Change your Life On-Line Course



20% discount for members who pay monthly in advance

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One:One Coaching



12 weeks of Personal Coaching

One:One weekly coaching with Kerry

Goals & focus session (1)

Action planning session (2)

Weekly accountability sessions (8)

Review & next steps (1)

Delivered via Zoom



Immediate access to the 12 Rules of Life Discussion Group



20% discount if 12 weeks of coaching is paid at commencement

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Business Coaching



12 weeks of Business Coaching

One:One coaching with Kerry

Business diagnostic review (1)

Weekly accountability sessions (10)

Review & next steps (1)

Out of hours emergency business triage personal support with Kerry

Delivered via Zoom



20% discount if 12 weeks of coaching is paid at commencement


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Leadership made easy

Yes! I want some practical business skills and simple leadership hacks!


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