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The Trouble with Leadership

Along your journey, you might have noticed that the leadership style that you have adopted is not getting the results you want.

You may have found that hard logic and results are features of your adopted leadership style.  Likely, this style doesn't feel empathetic or kind to the people around you.

Or perhaps you have found that you still have issues with your team, no matter what you do or how nice and patient you are.  You are not getting the traction you need to deliver results.

In my experience, this kind of discovery starts around the middle of your career.  You begin to question your leadership life with its endless list of tasks, people and problems to deal with.

More specifically, you might be struggling with things like:

  • getting your team to do what you want
  • working out the answer to a business problem 

Is your leadership style working?

I would go as far as to ask you, is your approach working? Are you getting the results that you really want?

And, if you, like both my clients and my key people, are asking yourself this question, I wonder if I can help you?

Are you brave enough to try something different?  To look at leadership in a new way?  To try some simple changes that could have a profound impact on you and your team?

Because I think that I might just have something that could help you if you are ready to make a small jump.

Heartfelt Leadership

Heartfelt Leadership is about choosing a more balanced approach to leadership.  Because, Heartfelt Leadership is about two things: fixing work, people and team problems, and then understanding the deeper reasons why you have the issues in the first place.

Heartfelt Leadership will teach you how to lead others and lead them the way they want to be led.

Heartfelt Leadership will also help you to get clear about what you want in your life.  It will help you manage and embrace in times of chaos.

Adopting heartfelt leadership will set you and your team up for high levels of accountablility and teach you the importance of difficult conversations.

You will learn the language of heartfelt leaders and focus on the brevity of life to make sure that you legacy lives on.

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I love talking about business, life and leadership from a practical, lived experience.  Ask me about how I can support your next business or team function.

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Check out my book!

Check out my new book 'Heartfelt Leadership'. 
It is a clear, no-nonsense practical book, based on my experience as a business owner and leader. 

It will help you sort your team, work and life.


Check out my book!



Team Building


With more than twenty years of experience in both business and training, I offer customised team building sessions to help you grow your team.

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At my core, I am built for business and leadership. 

Having survived two business start-ups and the volatility of business in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, I understand, personally, the realities and frustrations of business and leading a team through change.

These days, I work actively with my husband Craig across our diverse group of family based businesses.


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Sort your team, work and life!

Are you a busy business owner, manager or leader who wants to focus on the really important stuff?

Do you want to get more done, lead your team and make a difference?

Ask me how I can help!

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Bridget O'Driscoll

Kerry is inspirational, funny, humble and eloquently put into words.....everyday problems so they didn't seem so scary.  Beautiful. True. Heartfelt.

Lelle Schiller

Kerry's talk was honest and humorous!  All about life's ups and downs, very relatable and inspiring.  I absolutely enjoyed it!  

Andrea Sparnon

As a Company Director, I relate to her drive and challenges. Also having experienced loss, I appreciate her acknowledgement of her friend in her growth.

Heartfelt Leadership Blog

Have you naturally drifted into leadership rather than it being a goal you aimed for?  Perhaps you are a leader because you are good at your job?  Or maybe you have a knack for convincing other people to follow you?  Either way, many of us become leaders without a whole lot of conscious choice.  It just happens.

In my Heartfelt Leadership Blog I unpack my Heartfelt Leadership Principles in a practical way so that you can make small changes, that make a big difference.  Every Day.

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