8 Ways to start or grow your Dream Business during a crisis - even if you have no money


Practical - no bullshit stories from an experienced Business Owner & Mentor!


Grab a copy of Kerry's FREE '8 Ways to Start or Grow your Dream Business during a Crisis - Even if you have no money' and learn 8 practical ways to create your future lifestyle.

This FREE book outlines how grow a business when the shit hits the fan!

8 proven ways to launch your new business or grow a new product when times are changing, unpredictable or just plain tough.

8 Ways to Start or Grow your Dream Business during a Crisis - Even if you have no Money!


In this simple read, Kerry Swan discusses:

  • How to start a business with NO MONEY 
  • Where to find GAPS in the market that you can fix 
  • What you should NEVER do when starting a business
  • How to turn your PASSION into income
  • Settle outstanding DEBTS by getting even
  • Locate your best chance of success close to HOME
  • How to take advantage of the DIGITAL age like a boss
  • Why your RELATIONSHIPS are the key to new income
  • Predict SAFE BETS by looking at the big picture in your neighbourhood


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About Kerry Swan

For more than 20 years, Kerry worked in regional and business development as in independent consultant.  Kerry has worked with hundreds of businesses and their Managers.

As a Project Manager, and Business Consultant, Kerry created a wide range of organisations to build:

  • Strategic Tourism Plans
  • Mental Health Reform Initiatives
  • Economic Development Strategies
  • Leadership and Business Development Plans
  • Funding bids

Across all of these organisations, Kerry learnt what makes business + people tick.  What makes some people successful and what makes others fall apart when things get tough.

Since those consulting days, Kerry has built a real estate business, from scratch, a commercial laundry and cleaning business and a group based tour business.

Kerry's business experiences have taught her a lot about leading people and growing business's, what works and what is doomed for failure.

Now Kerry works with regional leaders to understand business resilience and how to overcome adversity.  Kerry hosts a Leadership Podcast and shares her learnings and research freely.

These days, Kerry's interest in leadership and human potential has led her back to the coaching and consulting space.

Kerry would love to share, with you, her thoughts on how to grow or change your business.

Why don't you check out Kerry's simple read on '8 Ways to Start or Grow your Dream Business during a Crisis - Even if you have no Money'  It's FREE and it's eight proven techniques developed from her 20 years in business.

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