How to start your dream business

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

In my lifetime, I have been fortunate to work with lots and lots of businesses.

For more than twenty (20) years I worked as a management consultant in regional and business development where I ran customised planning and growth workshops for businesses, large and small.

I helped businesses of all shapes, sizes and types to grow and respond to opportunities and challenges.  I helped with planning, projects and people.  To make stuff happen.

I loved every minute of this work, but, by far, my greatest love has been to build my own businesses and property projects.

Over the last few years I have built my own real estate business, from scratch, I have created a commercial laundry and cleaning business and most recently a tour business.

You could even say, that over my business career, that I have been most successful in building businesses during a crisis.

Every time the shit has hit the fan, for me personally, I have made a pivot and started a new business or expanded an...

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You choose you

leadership Apr 09, 2020

An interesting new Corona fueled phenomenon is the debate that is floating around social media.  The debate how best to spend one's time during the 'crisis'.

In some schools of thought, the opinion is that we all need to 'peace out' and reconnect with each other, the environment and home.  That we should take this opportunity to slow down, breathe, explore and reflect.

On the other hand, there is the approach that we should be out hustling, creating something new, investing our time and responding to opportunities.

And, across the internet, I watch this debate with interest and the inevitable judgement that accompanies the commentary.

Is this the new divide - productivity or peace?  Really.  We have come so far, but travelled so little.

The debate will grow over the next few weeks as this enforced period of reflection becomes our normal and we ponder how best to spend our time.

The interesting thing is that I don't see the two options as exclusive.  You can...

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Peeling back our layers

personal development Apr 02, 2020

Just like the proverbial onion, much has already been said about the opportunities for us all to ponder our way of life while we are on enforced stretches at home.

In conversations with my work team over the last couple of weeks, we have chatted about what is really important.  To us all.

When we peel it right back, family, friends and job security are high on the list.  And, surprisingly it doesn't get much more complicated than that.  Changing the world, reforming business or difficult innovations don't get much of a look in when we start to contemplate loss 'of what was'.

Loads of our colleagues have talked about the desire to slow down and that perhaps Corona has just given us that.  Corona is an opportunity for us to test, just how serious we are about a different pace, a different way or a different path.

But, here is the rub. 

These concepts are easy in the head rush of something new.  Or when it is a novelty.  Yes, we smugly tell...

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Keen to get clear on where you are going?

direction planning strategy Mar 17, 2020

One of the most frustrating side-affects of having choice; is having choice.

Meaning, in 2020, we are all generally blessed with opportunity.  The internet fixed that.

If we want to study.  We can do it on-line.

If we want to meet like-minded people.  We can do it on-line.

If we want to start a business.  We can do it on-line.

If we want to learn anything.  It is all there waiting for us.

Access to all of these choices can be overwhelming and can often mean that we make no decision.  Which is probably worse, because we stagnate.

But, how do we get clear on where we are going?

I simply think we just need to look for clues.  What are we passionate about.  What would we do if money was no object.  The answer lies in the things we love.  Or perhaps Bishop Jakes says it better:

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