How to start your dream business

Dec 01, 2020

In my lifetime, I have been fortunate to work with lots and lots of businesses.

For more than twenty (20) years I worked as a management consultant in regional and business development where I ran customised planning and growth workshops for businesses, large and small.

I helped businesses of all shapes, sizes and types to grow and respond to opportunities and challenges.  I helped with planning, projects and people.  To make stuff happen.

I loved every minute of this work, but, by far, my greatest love has been to build my own businesses and property projects.

Over the last few years I have built my own real estate business, from scratch, I have created a commercial laundry and cleaning business and most recently a tour business.

You could even say, that over my business career, that I have been most successful in building businesses during a crisis.

Every time the shit has hit the fan, for me personally, I have made a pivot and started a new business or expanded an existing one.

When I look back over my career, it has been during the toughest times, that my best business ideas happened:

  • When my first baby was born I started a grant writing business while still breast feeding


  • After my divorce I set up a storage business with a shed that my ex left flat packed in the paddock.


  • When my best mate was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer I started a real estate business to be closer to home.


  • And, now, during Corona I am launching a new book, Heartfelt Leadership, because we all know that we need more true leaders at the moment.


The most important thing about my business journey is that all of these businesses (and others) have been created when times were tough and I had no money.  I only had my skills, my resourcefulness and my tenacity.

And, the funny thing is, there has been a shit load of learning about business during tough times. 

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