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leadership Apr 01, 2021

An interesting new Corona fueled phenomenon is the debate that is floating around social media.  The debate how best to spend one's time during the 'crisis'.

In some schools of thought, the opinion is that we all need to 'peace out' and reconnect with each other, the environment and home.  That we should take this opportunity to slow down, breathe, explore and reflect.

On the other hand, there is the approach that we should be out hustling, creating something new, investing our time and responding to opportunities.

And, across the internet, I watch this debate with interest and the inevitable judgement that accompanies the commentary.

Is this the new divide - productivity or peace?  Really.  We have come so far, but travelled so little.

The debate will grow over the next few weeks as this enforced period of reflection becomes our normal and we ponder how best to spend our time.

The interesting thing is that I don't see the two options as exclusive.  You can be productive and you can take time to care for yourself and find some peace.

Who knows how long this gig is going to last.  It might be a month, it might be six, or even a year.  The point being, how you choose to invest it, is entirely your choice.

You might also find that in your peace, reflection and connection that you find a new level of productivity.  Or conversely, you might find in your drive a new level of pace and calm.

Either way, it is important for us all to remember that we all choose our own path and you do you, sunshine.

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