Are you really at the top of your game and managing your BUSINESS?

Or are you awake at night, thinking about cash flow, staff, bills, customers and THE FUTURE?

Step outside your business for an hour!

Join me in a 1 hour FREE Business Bootcamp Strategy Session to unpack where your business is at, your pain points, your goals, the future and set out a way forward, for you and your team.

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Kerry Swan


For more than 20 years, I have worked in regional and business development as in independent consultant.  I have worked with hundreds of businesses and their Managers.

As a Project Manager, and Business Consultant, I created a wide range of organisations to build:

  • Strategic Tourism Plans
  • Mental Health Reform Initiatives
  • Economic Development Strategies
  • Leadership and Business Development Plans
  • Funding bids

Across all of these organisations, I have learnt what makes business + people tick.  What makes some people successful and what makes others fall apart when things get tough.

Since those consulting days, I have built a real estate business, from scratch, a commercial laundry and cleaning business and a group based tour business.

My business experiences have taught me a lot about leading people and growing businesses, what works and what is doomed for failure.

Now I work with regional leaders to understand business resilience and how to overcome adversity.  I host a Leadership Podcast and share my learnings and research freely.

These days, my interest in leadership and human potential has led me back to the coaching and consulting space.

I live and breathe digital marketing, modern business and contemporary leadership.  I get humans, I get leadership and I get business.

But, don't ask me.  Ask the people I have worked with.

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Ask these happy Business Managers what they think?

Deanna Dunbar

Photo Studio Manager

'I felt energised after our chat and was ready to get stuck back into work again.  It was lovely to see you as excited about our plans and concepts.  I would say to a friend 'Kerry has a genuine interest in helping others succeed, with great ideas and advice''

Shaun Cunneen

Operations Manager

'I have learnt more practical techniques for managing my team from Kerry in the last couple of months, than I have done in my formal training programs.  'Kerry breaks business down into manageable chunks that really work for my team''

Natalie Traeger

Chief Executive Officer

'I would advise anyone, regardless of their situation to take you up on your strategy session.  'I found that Kerry has a unique way of looking at the world and seeing the situation in a different light'. I felt enlightened after our chat and that it was the best ‘strategy session’ I have ever had.


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Thanks to the Corona Pandemic, business has changed FOREVER!

You will survive!  Because of your ability to change, adapt and think differently. 

But, sometimes, you get so caught up in your business, that you don't make time to stop, to reflect, to plan and this is where I can help!  I am offering a FREE Business Bootcamp - Strategy Session and in this session we will cover:

  • Your business
  • Your goals
  • Your pain points
  • The future direction of your industry and the economy
  • Leadership structure
  • Business structure
  • The way forward

During our session, you can test me out, you can ask me questions and I can have a look at your business and provide you with independent, clear and direct advice.  It's time for a chat!

Yes! Book me into a FREE Bootcamp Session!

Doing everything & going nowhere fast?

Smart business managers, like you, do not suffer from a lack of ideas or passion, but rather everyday frustrations like:

  • A lack of predictability of work and regular cash
  • Working out which ideas to chase and which ideas to leave behind
  • Finding the time to fix your marketing (its not bad, but its not good)
  • Juggling the demands of a growing business and quality family time
  • Managing people and their needs, in contrast to the demands of the business
  • Leading the business through tough times
  • Having enough time to work on the big picture and drive the ship forward
  • Making sure that you don't stuff everything up
Yes! Book me into a FREE Bootcamp Session!

What will Business Coaching do for you?

Take a chance on Business Bootcamp Strategy Session and experience, first hand, what Business Coaching can do for you, and your business.

  • Business Coaching is only about YOU and YOUR business. 
  • Business Coaching works on YOUR issues and challenges.
  • Business Coaching is delivered by someone truly understands business and wants to help you.


  • Business Coaching understands YOUR business.
  • Business Coaching helps you get clarity on your goals and challenges. 
  • Business Coaching works on the things that matter to YOU.
  • Business Coaching works on the important stuff.
  • Business Coaching is customised program of learning for YOU. 
  • Business Coaching works at your pace.
  • Business Coaching is bite sized, weekly learning.
  • Business Coaching is practical learning that is RELEVANT to your business.
  • Good Business Coaching is delivered by an experienced business person.
  • Good Business Coaches will have the scars (of business mistakes) to prove it.
  • Good Business Coaches understand cashflow, people and customer issues.

Business Coaching will challenge your thinking, your actions and your results.

Business Coaching will deliver direct, honest feedback on your plans.

Business Coaching will hold you accountable EVERY week to make stuff happen.

Business Coaching will not let you make excuses.

  • Business Coaching is delivered when it suits you.
  • Business Coaching can be delivered online.
  • Business Coaching can focus on what YOU want, when YOU want it.

"What a surprise! A conversation that I didn't even know I needed to have! Kerry helped me to reveal things that I have been struggling with for probably most of my life. I now look forward to stepping out and living MY LIFE for ME!"

Laura Johns
Speech Pathologist & Organiser

But wait! My time is limited - so you need to be quick!

My Business Coaching time is in shorty supply. I love business. I love coaching. I love leadership. And, there is only me. Business Coaching Sessions are limited to ten spots in May, so get in quick because spots will fill fast!









Stop right there!

I personally guarantee that, after our Business Bootcamp Strategy Session, you will look at, and think about, your business differently. 

Yes! Book me into a FREE Bootcamp Session!

Do you truly want to make the most of the Corona Reset?

Serious Business Managers will know that the time is now to make a CHANGE!

Work on your business for ONE hour!

We will unpack where YOUR business is at, YOUR pain points, YOUR goals, the future and set out a clear way forward, for YOU and YOUR team!

Let's Bootcamp your Business and change it FOREVER!

Yes! Book me into a FREE Bootcamp Session!

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