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9 simple leadership hacks that will change your life


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If you would like to sort your team, work and life then this no nonsense, practical book is all you need. 

In this book, there are 9 simple principles that you can implement quickly and easily to get immediate results.

Results that will change the way you and your team interact and get things done.  Today.  And forever.

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But wait!  This book is not for you, if you are not ready to take real action in the workplace.

This book is NOT for you, if you just want to talk about your problems.

This book is not for you, if you do not manage a team or a group.

This book is not for you if you are happy with your team, their progress and your ability to lead them.

And, this book is DEFINITELY not for you if you want to avoid your problems at work and blame someone else.

This is THE book for busy Managers and Leaders


Heartfelt Leadership is a practical book that provides immediate solutions to common team, work and life problems. 

It is also a philosophical book that will ask you to think more deeply about life and authentic leadership.

Heartfelt Leadership was written for smart people, like you, who need to get things done.  Senior leaders who are good at their job, but want direct, no-nonsense advice and need a mix of strategic and practical support.

Heartfelt Leadership is different because it has been written from my lived experience as a business owner, consultant and leader.

Rich with stories that will resonate with you, the harassed and busy leader, Heartfelt Leadership will give you immediate and practical relief and space for reflection.

I need this now!

Heartfelt Leadership - 9 Principles to sort your team, work and life.


That's it. 9 principles that will change your life.  At work. At home. And, with your team.

In an easy to read format, based on real, lived, business experience, I will step you through how to make practical changes in each and every chapter.

Heartfelt Leadership Principle 1

Get clear about what you want.


Heartfelt Leadership

Principle 2

Work backwards.


Heartfelt Leadership

Principle 3

Take responsibility for your own sh*t.


If you are an intelligent leader, who is bloody good at your job, and want direct, no-nonsense advice and you need to think both practically and strategically, then this is the book for you!

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Heartfelt Leadership Principle 4

Have difficult conversations.


Heartfelt Leadership Principle 5

Choose your words.


Heartfelt Leadership Principle 6

Keep it real for you and your team.


If you are a senior leader, with a lukewarm team, who is struggling to get the right things done, and you are not quite sure about where to go next, or if you are on the right track, then this is the book for you!

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Heartfelt Leadership Principle 7

Feed your team their favourite food.


Heartfelt Leadership Principle 8

Celebrate success because life is short.


Heartfelt Leadership Principle 9

Know that life is an iterative process.


Heartfelt Leadership is a practical leadership book that will help you solve problems at work, address issues with your team and sort out the different personalities and devise strategies!

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From Kerry:

To me, true leadership is to plant trees under whose shade you shall never sit


I need this now!
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Kerry's strategies helped me get out of my own head and lead!


-Shaun Cunneen, Operations Manager

Don’t think twice. Kerry and her advice is the real deal.



-Laura Johns, Project Manager

Thanks to Kerry, I have the confidence to go after my dreams.


-Deanna Dunbar, Photographer

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